The Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek watersheds encompass roughly 65,000 acres across most of eastern Polk County. The creeks traverse over 50 miles before entering the Des Moines River near Runnels, Iowa. Jurisdictions located within the watershed include: Mitchellville, Runnells, Pleasant Hill, Altoona, and Bondurant. While the watersheds are currently composed of nearly 90% agriculture, urban growth from cities is beginning to alter the landscape.

As populations are growing there has been an increased concern on working to reduce flooding and improve water quality within the watersheds. To bring watershed stakeholders together to work on these concerns, a Watershed Management Authority (WMA) was formed in 2014. To this day, the group has continued to work on making environmental improvements including the facilitation of agricultural conservation practices, promoting sustainable urban growth, and increasing funding opportunities available for the watershed.

Watershed Areas of Focus

To address watershed issues, you must first understand what is happening within the watershed and creek. Key elements to understand include:

Watershed Data

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Land and Soil

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Stream & Water

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The Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watersheds encompass approximately 101 square miles